Senators Introduce Bill Requiring FCC to Collect “Consistent” Coverage Data


National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

May 11, 2017–A group of senators today introduced a bipartisan bill that would require the FCC “to collect broadband coverage data that is valid, consistent, and robust,” a news release noted. “This standardized data is necessary to ensure that policies to expand broadband deployment accurately target the unserved and underserved communities and account for the mobile coverage experience of those living in the most remote parts of the country,” the news release added.

The bill would give the FCC 180 days to adopt “regulations to establish a methodology that shall apply to the collection of coverage data by the Commission for” the universal service program and any similar programs.The bill says that the methodology would have to “(1) contain standard definitions for different speed tiers, such as the 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE tiers; (2) ensure that coverage data is collected in a consistent and robust way; (3) improve…

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