Quick Leaflet with GeoJSON demo


Nelson's log

I’m exploring Leaflet as an alternative to Polymaps, mostly because Leaflet has some momentum and is faster to render on iOS. here’s a quick demo of drawing a raster map with a GeoJSON overlay.

“track” was preloaded as a JSONP script. ogr2ogr barfs on converting my GPX files from Runkeeper directly to GeoJSON, so I exported them out of PostGIS instead with

Leaflet uses SVG for the GeoJSON layer. Pretty simple structure, svg > g > path, I think one per GPS track.

With just a bit more work it was easy to load 65 walking tracks via Ajax (165k data total) and plot them all in a browser. Performance is pretty good on iOS; the main thing I don’t like is the way the GeoJSON layers disappear during a resize.

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