#ShareTheShore with one of Our Rarest Shorebirds


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

Today we’re hearing from piping plover with pink leg band 85. He’s been spotted in several places along his migration journey and would love to share his story as he arrives home to the Atlantic Coast.

Hey everyone! I’ve had a lovely winter vacation in the Bahamas enjoying the crystal clear water and white sand beaches. I’ve eaten my fill of tiny invertebrates in the sand and the changing sun has let me know it’s time to fly. I’ve flown over one thousand miles now and I’m quite exhausted, but it feels great to be home on the beaches of Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey.

Within no time, I revisited my favorite hangouts. I love feeding at the water’s edge and reuniting with old flocks of friends. I recently found my mate, Maverick, and we plan on nesting here this spring.

A couple winters back, I was outfitted with this…

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