Notes on vector rivers


Nelson's log

Playing around with a vector river map of California. Some notes.


The Natural Earth major river dataset is pretty good. Not quite detailed enough for the Dreamflows scale map. Also everything looks to be about 2000m north of the natural boundaries defined by counties, other river datasets, etc. Maybe I screwed up a projection?

After a 3 day delay the NHD finally gave me back a shapefile with detailed flowlines for Nevada County. It’s very detailed data but it still has fewer small creeks on it than Google Maps or Stamen Terrain Maps. It might just be seasonal data, or maybe someone has a more detailed set. I need to explore NHDPlus.

Nick was kind enough to give me a shapefile of major rivers in California; 5 meg shapefile, 648 objects. It looks like about the right level of detail for the Dreamflows map, I’m working with it now…

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