More TopoJSON / watershed maps


Nelson's log

I played more with the California watershed boundary data and TopoJSON. Two nice treatments, online at least temporarily. A full-state static map in D3 with some mild interaction letting you change the depth of HUC codes used in coloring. And a zoomable map written with Leaflet that while HUC colored, emphasizes watershed boundary details over the hierarchical HUCs.

The Leaflet implementation went pretty well. The one thing that tripped me up is my watershed boundaries are stored as bunch of Geometry objects in a GeometryCollection, instead of Feature objects in a FeatureCollection. Leaflet’s GeoJSON support does nice things with FeatureCollections, letting you change the style and bind a popup for each Feature. It doesn’t seem to do that with GeometryCollections. I worked around it by just iterating through the GeometryCollection and adding each Geometry manually. But I wonder if TopoJSON should be emitting FeatureCollections instead? ogr2ogr on my source .SHP…

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