Installing openaddress-machine on a new EC2 system using Chef


Nelson's log

No need to install stuff manually; Mike already wrapped up scripts to set up an EC2 system with Chef for us. Here’s how to use it on a brand new EC2 micro server

Done! The shell command openaddr-process-one now works and does stuff.

In brief, this:

  1. installs Chef and Ruby via apt
  2. runs a Python setup recipe. That installs a few Ubuntu Python packages with apt (including GDAL and Cairo), then does a “pip install” in the OpenAddress machine directory. This tells pip to install a bunch of other Python stuff we use.
  3. runs a recipe for OpenAddresses. This uses git to put the source JSON data files in /var/opt.


But really, that’s so manual. If you just pip install openaddr-machine it makes a /usr/local/bin/openaddr-ec2-run script that will do the work for you. That in turn invokes a script which you run on your local machine. It…

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