Misty Mountains


Adventures In Mapping

Recently, I was tinkering with ways of creating the illusion of depth for mapping water. The gist is that you can use increasing opacity in deeper areas to get the effect of diffused light and reduced visibility. Like in real life.

But there is no reason you have to go restricting your shenanigans to ocean environments. The same thing happens in the atmosphere when there’s an inversion. Fog. Nice, beautiful, misty, opaque fog.


Here is a look at the Chilean Andes and Pampas region of Argentina, shrouded in mist.


This is a look at the Southwest United States. The Imperial Valley of California is filled with fog, spilling over into the contours of Southern Nevada and filling in the Grand Canyon.


The Pacific Northwest rises quickly from the mist which then pours down into the inland basin.


And here is a look at the western spine of the Himalayas sinking into the…

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