LUDO model: levels of openness on public policies


la orza de alorza

LUDO 2D: simplified version

In previous posts we discussed about the circles from the horizontal layer of the LUDO model -becoming more complex on the go. We will use a simplified version from now on, because it is better to be understandable than to be comprehensive.

Now we start with the task of giving the model a vertical dimension, so that it can become a 3D model. You can think of it as a cone, as suggested by Pedro Prieto-Martin or, more simply, as a cylinder or a prism . The blank ring [“core subjects”] is the one that will be put in relation to the vertical axe.

The vertical axe refers to the degree of devolution of power to citizens. If we are speaking of open government, I suggest that we name this variable as “level of openness“, meaning the “degree to which power is devolved…

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