Data source to map Zip codes to Latitude and Longitude


Things I tend to forget

[Update: For R users, I have since bundled this database into an R package, ‘zipcode’, now available on CRAN.]

When I need positions for zip codes, I use the “CivicSpace US ZIP Code Database by Schuyler Erle, August 2004”. I first found it thanks to Tom Boutell’s site (

According to the README, it contains “over 98% of the ZIP Codes in current use in the United States” as of 2004. The ZIP file includes the data in CSV and a PostGIS-friendly SQL definition file. Schuyler Erle co-authored O’Reilly’s excellent Mapping Hacks, so the file is also now mirrored on the Mapping Hacks website (

In addition to latitude and longitude, the data include city and state name and time zone:

"99928","Ward Cove","AK","55.395359","-131.67537","-9","1"

The database is based on the 1999-2000 U.S. Census Gazetteer files

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