Who’s Hack Is It Anyway?



It’s pretty clear that the Sony Pictures hack was neither an act of war or particularly belligerent. As Marc Rogers of CloudFlare and DEF CON notes, finding out who performed a hack, even one as ham-handed as this one, is difficult. Hackers with any sense use proxies and attack soft targets. But once they’ve attacked and dumped their goods, it becomes nearly impossible to follow them back to their dens, whether that is in Atlanta or Pyongyang. Rogers writes:

Digital forensics is nothing like what you see on TV – on so-called cyber-CSI shows, the investigator types in a few magical keystrokes and evidence comes flooding out of the completely unlocked computer. A few more keystrokes and a magical graphical app “backtraces” the perp all the way to his house switching on his webcam and locking his bedroom door.

The reality is far less sexy.

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