OLH=Open Library of the Humanities=Very Cool


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OLH is cool

So I just finished reading an article in ProfHacker in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Adeline Koh titled A Public Library of the Humanities?  An Interview with Martin Paul Eve.  Eve and Koh spend the interview discussing the basics of how the Open Library of the Humanities will work.  I think Eve is far more eloquent in describing the project so I will let the interview and the website speak for themselves.  But I wanted to say, the more I read of the interview the more curious I became.  It is an interesting spin on publishing scholarly articles by getting libraries to support the publishing process of OLH rather than having them pay a subscription fee for the content itself.  I think it is also a cool approach that removes that author fee that some publishers currently require.  Being a librarian and having a humanities degree, the more I read…

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