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I read a couple of things about semantic web stuff that made me think about things that we have really known for quite a long while now:

  • use appropriate technology for appropriate applications
  • consumption is far harder than publication
  • some data simply isn’t very re-purposable

Having worked with production systems using RDF since 2006 in print industry, energy industry and libraries, I’m aware that semantic technology has a clear place in the software engineering toolbox. It irritates me a bit that people claim that RDF isn’t widely deployed and that it’s an academic field; this isn’t true, it simply means YOU haven’t had experience with the fields where it is present.

Just because it is possible doesn’t mean we should…

Anyone who has worked with RDF, will have also experienced that there is a lot of woo-thinking surrounding the semantic stack. Typically, there has been a desire to create semantic-only…

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