Advancements in Data-Sharing Are Changing How Government is Run



T-Camp-Blog Leaders in policy and technology from around the world gather for the Sunlight Foundation’s Transparency Camp.

On May 30th and 31st, innovators in government and technology joined together for the 5th annual Transparency Camp, led by the Washington, D.C. based Sunlight Foundation.

Throughout the two-day event, conversation revolved around the dual concepts of government and data, exploring their interconnected nature and the rapid advancements in data that are changing the way our governments run.

Kicking off the camp was Anthea Watson-Strong of the Google Civic Innovation Team. Drawing from the work of Ethan Zuckerman, she focused on the idea that through the use of “high-value data sets,” the internet can lead to “easy, yet impactful” action on the part of citizens.

Much of the rest of the camp focused on deconstructing this concept. What data is valuable for the public to have? How can this be made accessible to…

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