Memecached: Real-Time meme sharing with node.js, now.js, and MongoDB


Aditya Bhatt

Yesterday, I wrote a web-app named Memecached. It is a service which allows you to quickly generate a meme and publish it in real-time. It went viral for quite a few hours after I tweeted about it and posted it on Hacker News, with hundreds of memes being shared, sometimes a new meme every three seconds!

Memecached is extremely lightweight. The server is tiny, written entirely in exactly 50 lines of Javascript using node.js. It uses MongoDB as the data store and now.js for real-time, remote method invocation.

Using it is fairly trivial – you open the page, and the latest N (25 by default) memes are streamed back and populated into the webpage. On the left is a collections of meme templates – you can click any one, enter the top and bottom text, and hit publish to see it reflected on each open client.


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