Bringing OpenDocument to the web, collaboratively


Aditya Bhatt

Last week, the first version of OwnCloud Documents was released as a part of OwnCloud 6. This incorporates  a subset of editing features from the upstream WebODF project that is considered stable and well-tested enough for collaborative editing.

DocumentsThis was a much-anticipated release and lots of nice reviews are pouring in, so I thought I’d take some time to write about WebODF and all the stuff we at KO GmbH been working on upstream.

So what is WebODF?

WebODF is a javascript library that lets you display ODF files in your browser. Think of it as PDF.js, but for ODF. You just throw a webodf.js script on your server, and do a couple of javascript calls to render an ODF file. It works completely client-side, no serverside ODF processing required. You only need a server to actually serve the javascript file. However, WebODF does not do any conversion

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