It’s time to bring an open Internet to libraries instead of relying on flawed technology and bad policy


Susan Ricker

Libraries have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I grew up attending their programs and utilizing their resources, started volunteering in middle school, and have worked in college and public libraries in school and after graduation.

When I finished college in the middle of the recession, I turned to libraries when I needed to learn new skills that would make me more employable than the Bachelor’s degree I had just received. Thanks to programs on their computers, as well as access to the Internet, I was able to find the tools necessary to impress employers, and even found my first out-of-college job at a library, which in turn led me to my current role as a writer for CareerBuilder.

My education and experience wouldn’t be what they are today without libraries, and I fiercely love and want to protect the information and resources they make…

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