NSA thoroughly hacked “security risk” Huawei, according to Snowden documents



The NSA hacked the blazes out of Huawei, according to the latest story to be plucked from Edward Snowden’s bag of secrets. The New York Times and Der Spiegel reported on Saturday that the Chinese telecoms equipment firm was targeted in 2009 via a program called “Shotgiant”, and also that the NSA spied on the Chinese government and other companies there.

The Huawei hackery, which netted the company’s source code for multiple products, is a bit awkward when you consider how Huawei has been blackballed in the U.S. due to its supposed links to the Chinese military. According to the weekend reports, there’s no indication of whether the NSA found any Chinese backdoors in Huawei’s gear, but the U.S. agency was itself trying to find out how it could exploit the equipment to spy on end users.

It was also stealing lists of customers and various other internal documents. Previous…

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