OGIS Launches USPS FOIA Compliance Assessment

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Source: OGIS Launches USPS FOIA Compliance Assessment

OGIS Announces Release of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau FOIA Compliance Report

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Source: OGIS Announces Release of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau FOIA Compliance Report

Cory Doctorow on being a Career Activist

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Source: Cory Doctorow on being a Career Activist

Cory Doctorow on being a Career Activist

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A note from Kevin Marks: I liked this bit in Cory(Doctorow)’s Makers book:

“Here’s what being a career activist means: you are on the road most of the time. When you get on the road, you meet people, have intense experiences with them—like going to war or touring with a band. You fall in love a thousand times. And then you leave all those people behind. You get off a plane, turn some strangers into best friends, get on a plane and forget them until you come back into town, and then you take it all back up again.

“If you want to survive this, you’ve got to love that. You’ve got to get off a plane, meet people, fall in love with them, treasure every moment, and know that moments are all you have. Then you get on a plane again and you love them forever. Otherwise, every new…

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Project and data



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QGIS ha un potente compositore di stampe e un eccellente atlante (per gli amici ATLAS) cioè un generatore (in serie) di pagine di un vettore di copertura.

In questo articolo vedremo come creare una pseudo-panoramica, cioè una panoramica associata ad altro layer e non al vettore di copertura, anche se sempre dipendente da esso. Ecco il nostro obbiettivo:


Due layer:

  • comuni_sicilia;
  • province_sicilia.

vettore di copertura: comuni_sicilia.

N9 layer di partenza

creo un layout:

N11 layout e definizione oggetti

N10 atlas e vettore di copertura

il layer ‘comuni_sicilia’:

N12.jpg vestizione – si vedrà solo il comune corrente

il layer ‘province_sicilia’:

N13 tematizzo tramite regola e definisco @map_id

N15 creo il bounding box – si vedrà SOLO nella @map_id =’pseudo_panor’

espressione da usare:

cosa significa:

  • @map_id = ‘pseudo_panor’ : visualizza il tema solo nel riquadro mappa ‘pseudo_panor’;
  • intersects( $geometry, point_on_surface(@atlas_geometry)): visualizza il Bbox della geometria solo quando la sua geometria si interseca con un punto della geometria…

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La storia di QGIS attraverso le sue SPLASH SCREEN.

alfa 0.01 Versione ALFA 0.0.1 – Giugno 2002

splash_0.3.png Versione 0.3  MADISON – 28/05/2004

splash_0.4.png Versione 0.4 BABY – 04/07/2004

splash_0.5.png Versione 0.5 BANDIT – 05/10/2004

splash_0.6 Versione 0.6 SIMON – 19/12/2004

splash_0.7 Versione 0.7 SEAMUS – 01/09/2005

splash_0.8 Versione 0.8 TITAN – 15/06/2007

splash_0_9_Ganymede Versione 0.9 GANYMEDE – 06/01/2008

splash_0.10 Versione 0.10 IO – 03/05/2008

splash_0.11 Versione 0.11 METIS – 21/07/2008


Versione 1.0 KORE – 05/01/2009

splash_1.1.0 Versione 1.1 PAN – 12/05/2009

splash_1.2.0 Versione 1.2 DAPHNIS – 01/09/2009

4 Versione 1.3 MIMAS – 20/09/2009

splash_1_4_Enceladus Versione 1.4 ENCELADUS – 10/01/2010

splash_1_5_Tethys Versione 1.5 TETHYS – 29/06/2010

5 Versione 1.6 COPIAPO’ – 27/11/2010

splash1.7 Versione 1.7 WROCLAW – 19/07/2011

6 Versione 1.8 LISBOA – 21/06/2012

qgis Quantum GIS –> QGIS

7Versione 2.0 DUFOUR – 08/09/2013

8Versione 2.2 VALMIERA – 22/02/2014

9Versione 2.4 CHUGIAK – 27/06/2014

10Versione 2.6 BRIGHTON – 01/11/2014

11Versione LTR 2.8 WIEN – 20/02/2015

12Versione 2.10 PISA – 26/06/2015

13Versione 2.12 LYON – 23/10/2015

596e7e353771d2802f065352548e512b8d902d83Versione LTR 2.14 – 26/02/2016


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Smithsonian Gardens Launches New Community of Gardens Mobile App

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Source: Smithsonian Gardens Launches New Community of Gardens Mobile App

Smithsonian Gardens Launches New Community of Gardens Mobile App

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Smithsonian Gardens

CoG app image for blog.pngCommunity of Gardens is the Smithsonian’s home for sharing garden stories.

Gardening season is here . . . flowers are just starting to peek out in the northernmost climes, and gardeners in other parts of the country are already enjoying spring peas, asparagus, and the colorful sight of tulips and daffodils. Every day, all year long, gardeners across the United States sketch plans, pore over seed catalogs, mix and lay compost, dutifully pull weeds from garden beds, build deer fencing, and tend their plants with love (and sometimes frustration with those finickier ones!). Whether you are gardening for sustenance, relaxation, health, as a creative outlet, or continuing a family or cultural tradition, there is a story behind what you do. Every gardener has a story, and those stories are important to preserve for future generations of historians, scientists, and gardeners!

Smithsonian Gardens is excited to launch its first mobile app…

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